A flowery field to protect bees into the Agricultural School of the Monza Park. Pilot Italia has once again made its own simple and concrete contribution to the environment. It is called Oasi delle Api and was created together with the Soroptimist Association of Monza with the support of local administrations. To visit it? Just go to Cascina Frutteto. Enjoy!

We undergrounded 250 plants: hornbeam, birch, holm oak. The Pilot Foresta was born, in an area of 500 square meters. It is located at the Parco Nord of Milan. Within 3 years it will become an area capable to absorb up to 15,000 kg of CO2 on average in a year. But mostly people, families and all those who visit it.

Four young photography students from the Italian Institute of Photography have used their lenses to interpret and narrate the company in an unusual and very personal way. Hands, eyes, space. You can see their video here, which has become a book and calendar. 

We have installed 1,694 solar panels on the roof of the company. From this historic date (for us), 20% of the electricity requirements will be guaranteed in a clean and environmentally friendly way. Click here to find out in real time how much energy we are producing.