How we work

Technology, R&D and Know-how

Innovation, research and development of new technologies, materials and production processes are central to Pilot’s activity. As is the constant training of personnel working at all levels of the production process. A leader in the printing of self-adhesive labels and in tailor-made packaging solutions, we monitor all the trends and evolutions that affect our world.

Risk Management e Business Continuity

We have a protocol that guarantees continuity of production and timely intervention: all of which guarantees Business Continuity with a margin of error of 0.074%. The Risk Management plan meets international standards and allows quickly fixing all types of malfunctions: data loss, damage to printing systems, total shutdown.

Combined printing

Our specialisation in combined printing gives maximum creative freedom to the graphic designer: no sacrifice and compromise in the design of the message. Our fleet of technologically advanced offset and digital machines guarantee high quality printing without compromise.

CTP pre-press

A dark room in constant evolution. A series of new-generation CTP technologies, thermal and waterless offset printing plates, polymeric matrices and screen printing plates. With these processes we are able to offer combined printing solutions, guaranteeing the highest quality and flexibility.

The Cloud Portal

The Portal is a Cloud platform that allows customers to follow the entire processing chain. Inspect, modify, approve and reload the graphic files relating to the labels being printing. All the notifications are centralised in a single point. The specifications relating to pantones and separations can be checked online, and the work files can be downloaded at any time.