Home & Personal Care

One of our flagships: high-end combined printing, which has won numerous international awards such as the Finat and TLMI Awards. Competitiveness is guaranteed by two offset printing lines with a span of 520 mm for large formats and large print runs. The possibility of printing with embossing and metal paints.


In compliance with national and international regulations: self-learning, safety, track & trace, RFID, multilayer. And a series of layouts and patents that guarantee traceability of individual lots. We guarantee materials with very high technical performance, resistance to temperatures and specific applications to meet the most demanding requirements and quality standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Food & Beverage

The food label is not only a promotional tool, but it is the identity of a product. A fundamental tool to protect the safety of the brand and the health of the consumer. We are at the forefront in guaranteeing authenticity and safety of DOP, DOC and IGP products sold in large-scale retail stores.


We are able to print labels that contain very high quality performances and that convey messages in a clear and exhaustive manner. We can offer a line of labels designed for the cold chain which comply with every stage of product preservation.


Counterfeiting can be combated thanks to the latest generation labels and to a R&D department that has already developed and patented highly innovative solutions in collaboration with our most advanced suppliers, where security and authenticity are always close at hand. We have a company division with dedicated staff to manage these customers. A model that guarantees maximum discretion and operational safety.

Contests and promotions

We use offset and digital printing techniques and technologies to meet the most sophisticated and original creative demands of this constantly growing sector. Anti-counterfeiting inks, contest tickets with scratch varnish, random numbering and multipage booklets, and dedicated customisations.


Never as in this sector has the label become the passport that enhances and highlights the quality of the product, even before its contents are used. We have designed and created multilayer labels that range from 3 to 8 pages: the right solution to reproduce all the necessary information in a minimum space, even in multiple languages. In addition, we offer a wide range of finishes to make each label precious and unique and to enhance the brand that markets it.

Wine & Spirits

Our experience guarantees the maximum possible results obtained with “no-label look” effects, use of hot and cold foil, embossing on small and large high-performance lines. The value that the label represents as an expression of the identity of the content has allowed us in recent years to meet the most sophisticated requests of creative departments.