History of Pilot Italia

From 1968 to today in 20 key moments

30 July 1968: the foresight of Giancarlo Vimercati, at the time thirty-one years old and employed by Archer Italia, convinces the French company, Pilot France to create an Italian subsidiary called Pilot Italia, of which he becomes the Sales Director.

In 1984, the ownership was taken over by the Vimercati family, who still run the company today. It went from being a subsidiary of a French multi-national company to a totally independent Italian company. Since then, the company has never stopped growing.

New machines, new products and new travel companions. Constant renewal. Inexorable and unstoppable. A cohesive working group that has made the brand strong. The ability to conquer new markets, the constant desire for innovation and for creating cutting-edge workspaces have allowed us to achieve important goals.

A timeline summarising 20 key events